Sunday, July 18, 2010

Davis Family Photos

A box full of Davis photos, recently rescued here in Delaware. There is an old card box filled with photos and negatives, mostly featuring the Davis Family, particulary son Billy Davis (William Davis). There are also five, 5 x 7's of Billy from about one year to maybe 12 years old. There are several photos taken by Ruhl Studios in Cumberland Maryland. There are also some taken by Ward's Studio in Frostburg, MD.

The photos are mostly undated, but Billy must have been born around March of 1952 and most of the photos and negatives appear to be from the 50's. There is one old real photo post card which is undated an unlabeled, and also taken in Frostburg (McElfish Studio).

There is one, small class photo of FHS (probably Frostburg High School).

There are not many names on these photos, but here are the ones I could find: Mrs Eugene Davis, 507 Pine St, Cumberland Maryland. Jean Sigler, Alma (probably Alma Davis), and Mary Robinette (Mary Teter).... and of course Billy Davis.

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