Sunday, June 10, 2007

Old Roosters... by L. Lee Layton, Jr.

Old Roosters... by L. Lee Layton, Jr.
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Written on March 3, 1942 by Dover businessman and famous Sussex Countian, L. Lee Layton, Jr, this short analogous article compares young men and old men to Roosters and Broilers in wartime America. Four pages in pamphlet form, Mr. Layton's article was a call for people on Delmarva to get to work supporting the armed forces, and he used the poultry industry here as an example. And remember, there were no magnetic yellow ribbons in 1942.
Mr. Layton was born in Georgetown in 1889 and was well known in the Dover area for his strong and very public opinions. He was married to Marianne Layton.

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