Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blue Coat Inn

Blue Coat Inn
Soon to be another nostalgic image of Dover, DE... the Blue Coat Inn. I liked the Blue Coat, it was a nice restaurant, most times. I have to add the disclaimer because this the very place that holds my personal record for the longest wait for a table, 2 hours and 30 minutes on February 14, 1996. Valentines Day, I know...I know, but a friend of mine had a coupon and he talked us into it. Anyway... We miss you Blue Coat Inn.

Here's an old postcard by A. Ken Pfister of Dover Delaware advises on the Reverse: Blue Coat Inn & "Sailing Eagle" Tavern on Silver Lake in historic Dover, Delaware. Once a private home, the inn today offers the publick a varied BILL OF FARE in Countri-style dining. Meetings and Parites also accomodated in distinctive lake-front rooms reflecting themes from Delaware's early history. Phone 674-1776.

Another postcard from A. Ken Pfister of Dover, this one featuring "The Independence Room" Blue Coat Inn on Silver Lake in historic Dover, Delaware. The painting depicts Colonel John Haslet's Delaware Regiment, whose uniform inspired the name Blue Coat Inn, marching from Dover Green to join General Washington's troops in the summer of 1776. Dining daily except Mondays.

Here's what it looks like now (May 16, 2007).

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