Monday, March 26, 2007

The Jenkins Store

Once, in Woodside Delaware, there was a general store known as the Jenkins Store. This little shack played a central role in the goings-on in Woodside, providing necessities and a gathering place for the locals until 1988. A classic American general store, the Jenkins Store now sits at the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover, Delaware... in a place called Loockerman Landing. You can see it in this article by delawarewoman.

The store opened in 1865* (when the name of the town was still Fredonia) and was first known as the Reed General Store after proprietors John and Jane Reed. Their daughter Mary Jane Reed and her husband Phillip Jenkins took over the store when the Reeds retired, and ran it until 1947. After that, son Glancy Jenkins and his wife Elsie operated the store. After Glancy died in 1967, Elsie operated the old place until it closed.

*According to Woodside, A Bicentennial Commemorative, published by the Town of Woodside in 1987, the store opened in 1865.

You can find a lot of old postcards to and from the Jenkins family on this blog.


Mike Mahaffie said...

Wait, Wait... we had a Fredonia? Please tell me that that appears on the Beers Atlas maps.

Bob Hartman said...

Mike, Yes, you can find it on the Pomeroy and Beers Atlas of 1868, and the place was called Fredonia from 1865 until 1869. They changed the name to Woodside on July 2, 1869 after too many deliveries of rail mail that should have gone to Frederica. Woodside was incorporated in 1911. Ref: Woodside, A Bicentennial Commemorative.

The place was also known as "Burnt House Crossroads". Imagine what the homeowner's insurance premium might be in a town with a name like that.