Saturday, February 10, 2007

East Earl Township PA ... Class of 1911

Here is a Class Souvenir from a school in East Earl Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These old things were kind of like yearbooks without the pictures, or the signatures. Memories made and meant for safe keeping, and now here it is after nearly 100 years have passed.

The teacher was Sallie V. Bowman and the Directors were Roland Good, David Wenger, John J. High, Clayton Bair, Barton Sauder and Frank Wise.

The list of students for October 1910 through March 1911 include:

Lizzie Weaver, Esther Weaver, Bessie Keiffer, Ada Horst, Bertha Weaver, Francis Martin, Lizzie Sauder, Lizzie Leinbach, Rebecca Horst, Anna Z. Martin, Alice Taylor, Clara Ziemer, Anna M. Martin, Marion Kieffer, Anna Sauder, Susan Gehman, Luella Horst, Moses Martin, Erbie Sauder, Horace Weaver, Eli Zimmerman, Eli Gehman, Adam Crills, Lloyd Sprecher, Raymond Shirk, William Horst, and Horace Ziemer.

Anna and Elizabeth (Lizzie) were certainly popular names of the Day, and just look at how many Weavers and Horsts there were in that small class. Some of the younger pupils may still be alive today ...and I'll bet they still have this little Souvenir booklet from 1911 ... memories made and meant for safe keeping.

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