Sunday, January 07, 2007

Warm-weather whispers from Ocean City

At least once every summer, Mrs J. J. Johnson would travel to the shore, to the beach, to the ocean, vacation. Every summer, she would send greetings via postcard to her good friend, Mary Jenkins, in Woodside Delaware. Here is another of those old cards from Mrs. Johnson letting Mary know how nice it was in Ocean City on that August day of 1912. Today, people use their cell phones for messages like this. Of course, in 100 years, nothing remains of a cell phone conversation ... or does it?

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Julie said...

That's a really cool picture. Was that the boardwalk in O.C.? And do you have anymore beach postcards? Very interested,

Bob Hartman said...

Yep, that was it ... Ocean City Maryland. I have several other beach postcards from this era from Ocean City Maryland and Rehoboth Beach Delaware, and lots of beach cards from New Jersey. Thank you very much for visiting.