Sunday, January 14, 2007

Downingtown High School class photo

These high school students send us greetings from their class trip to Gettysburg, early in the last century. In their Sunday best at Devil's Den on that warm spring day, you can see the hope and confidence shining on their young faces. Filled with aspirations and dreams and with a lifetime in front of them, they stood there in the sunshine and captured that moment in time.

The photographer has marked the photo as DHS at Devils Den. I found this old photograph postcard in with a bunch of postcards from or to the Larkin family in Downingtown Pennsylvania, so DHS very likely stands for Downingtown High School. The postcard itself dates from sometime between 1907 and 1920, and I believe, based on the dates of the other postcards, that the photo was probably taken around 1910 or so. These other Larkin Family postcards include cards to Jessie Larkin, Rachel D. Larkin, Elizabeth Larkin, Martha Larkin, Mrs. Edgar Larkin and Dr. E. D. Larkin as well as cards to or from other family or friends including Norman Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, Ruth Thompson, Mrs. Jessie L. Rodgers, Mrs E. A. Speakman (the Barclay, West Chester, Chester County PA), Elizabeth Speakman, M. A. Parsons (a soldier in France 1919) and M.P. Dewees

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