Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Valentine for Miss Faye Queber

On February 14, 1942, Joseph S. Bednar of Souderton Pennsylvania sent a valentine card to Miss Faye Queber of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The card is not remarkable when compared with the ornate script on this envelope. Joseph must have worked a very long time to address this for his sweetheart.

Miss Queber could be a decendant of Harry J. Queber and Margret Queber of Philadelphia. Be sure to look to for more about the Queber family. And for more Bednar (aka Beadner) links, check out GenForum.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1894 report on Eva Simmons

1894 this old "Report of Deportment, Attendance, and Examination of Grades" for little Miss Eva Simmons. This old report card is 112 years old and was signed by Eva's father, Perry Simmons, as well as her teacher, Miss Addie Marble. She was a well educated girl, taking lessons even for physiology. A nice snapshot in time, culminating on May 10th, 1894, with the promotion of little Miss Eva Simmons to the 6th grade.

The School or area is not identified, but Dad collected most of his old paper in the Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania area. This past October, I listed another old Simmons relic (from Wyoming Delaware) right here on this blog, but I have not been able to discover if there was a Simmons connection here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas sent to Master Edgar Reed Ebersole probably around 1910 or so.
Another old postcard from the Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania area.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Cards from 1920's and older

This is a classy old card sent by Janet Hibberd Davis. It's undated, but probably from 1920's or older. I have other old Christmas cards sent by Dr. John H. Girvin, Gertrude W. Ferguson, Isabelle Ewing, Alberta Marguerite Dean, Katharine E. Snyder, Katharine Adair Wilson, Elizabeth B. Vinyard, Helen Josephine Forrest, Lillian Allison Thompson, Hattie Brown, and others.

They were special to somebody and somebody treasured these old things for many years.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

S. May Collins, Maryland Eastern Shore Farm

S. May Collins Posted by Picasa

On March 29, 1895, little S. May Collins composed this short story of a summer vacation and titled it, "The Maryland Farm". The story is three pages long and chronicles the summer vacation of 4 children, Elmer, Fannie, Eva and Flo on their Grandparent's farm on the "Eastern coast of Maryland near a river". Sailing, rowing, bathing, and horseback riding were some of the things that she loved, and was obviously looking forward to for the summer of 1895. Although riding on the hay wagon was forbidden by Father, little May describes the ideal summer for a kid of any century.

This is the original, three page, hand-written story, still bound by a ribbon tied over 111 years ago, probably by little May Collins herself. A bit of her childhood preserved.

Learn more about the Collins family at GenForum or explore some more on Rootsweb.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Old Christmas Cards

D. W. Kerr Posted by Picasa

Pastor David Wagner Kerr (1864 - 1941) ministered to a lot of people in a great many places. He sent this Christmas card in 1925 while he was Pastor at the Union Church in Tyringham Massachusetts.

This stylish old card was sent by Catharine Stoneback, but it's not dated.

Edith Diehl of Grand Junction Colorado sent this old Christmas Postcard to Mr. Isaac McCabe in Selbyville Delaware in 1920. Edith breaks some sad news about her Mother in the message on the reverse. Katharine Gassaway's art is featured on this lovely old card.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Showell Abbott of Milford Delaware

Showell Abbott Posted by Picasa

An old report card belonging to Showell Abbott, signed by teacher Anna Hall, of the South Milford Public School, in Milford Delaware. This is probably from the late19th century or very early 20th century since the North (Kent County) and South (Sussex County) public schools were consolodated early in the 20th century.

Little Showell passed, in case you may be wondering.

You can see an earlier postshowing the baby-faced mug of George Richard Abbott of Milford, right here on Family Papers and Postcards.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

C. F. J. Schaefer Co. card to William G. Abbott

C. F. J. Schaefer Company Posted by Picasa

The Schaefer company sent this postcard from Philadelphia in 1913, in hopes of doing business with a Milford Delaware ship builder, William G. Abbott. Ship building was big business in Milford during this time period, and the William G. Abbott shipyard was the perhaps the greatest in lower Delaware. In 1917, the Abbott yard launched the 174 foot Albert F. Paul, a ship that sailed the seas until torpedoed by a German sub in World War II.

The photo shows Mr. C.F.J. Schaefer, whose business was located at 105 North Second Street in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Find more Schaefer history at GenForum or join in the Abbott discussion at Rootsweb.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pvt. Peter Luzetsky, Fort George Meade MD

Private Peter Luzetsky sent this card to Miss Elizabeth Crowgey on Elkton Maryland on March 28, 1943. He told her that he was with a "gang of Elkton Boys and that he is being shipped out to a different camp in a few days. He talks a little about his routine and asks her to pass a message along to the 40?? year class. The card was postmarked from Fort George Meade. This card features a print of the Division Service Club at Fort Meade.