Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reverend Charles Leaman

This is an old photograph of reverend Charles Leaman. On the reverse is also written "taken in Nanking China". This is a very large old cabinet card photo, mounted by Darmstaetters of Lancaster Pennsylvania. You can read more about the Leaman family at the Penn State Library. The Leaman family feature prominently in the history of Strasburg township and Paradise township area around Lancaster PA, and of course, Leaman Place.

I also have an old photo of Dr. and Mrs. Leaman and daughter Mary, taken around 1905.

See also, my photo of Henry Leaman in an earlier blog, or check out the discussion on GenForum.


jane said...

wow, can i see the picture with Mary Leaman? I wonder if they are from Paradise PA...i've been reading about her from the book, Queen of the Dark Chambers.

Bob Hartman said...

Jane, thank you for your comment. I have posted the photo of Mary Leaman on my blog today, January 31, 2007.

See it Right Here

Paul Schultz said...

I am on staff at the HQ of the Chinese student ministry, Ambassadors for Christ in Paradise, PA. Mary Leaman deeded the farmland to AFC in the 1960's and the first building was built in 1975. We sold the old homestead upon Christiana Tsai's death in 1984 and unfortunately family letters were sold at auction. If anyone has any of these, we surely would appreciate them back, especially ones between Charles Leaman and his family when he was in the Civil War and then after going on the mission field.

We have renamed the last of the farmhouses on the land the LEAMAN FAMILY HOUSE and use it for retreats. Lots of Chinese churches in NY and Nj come here each year for their retreats. we built our Great Commission Training Center in 2013 and completed our Christiana Tsai 30 room guest lodge in February 2017. The dedication will be held June 10, 2017, 12 noon. Send us an email if you plan to attend the dedication ceremony 717-687-8564 ext. 0 is our website