Monday, November 27, 2006

Newlin Family of Wilmington Delaware

These two old postcards were sent to Miss Phoebe Newlin at 11 E. Summit Avenue, in Wilmington Delaware. The top card was sent from Virginia Beach by "Little Susie" and mailed at a time when Phoebe was ill (July 1955). The bottom card was mailed from Rehoboth Beach (date unreadable) by Magie. As well as the Summit Ave. address, the address on this card included Ashley, Richardson Park. These two postcards are the newest of a set of 6 cards sent to the Newlin Family in Wilmington DE.

The other four cards were sent to Phebe Newlin, Miss E. May Newlin, Mrs Catharine Newlin and Mrs. Harry Newlin, all of Wilmington. Three are postmarked (1908, 1910, and 1914). These Newlins lived on 7th Street and on North Jackson Street. One card was also sent by a Wilmington Newlin, Mr. Nathan B. Newlin.

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