Monday, November 06, 2006

George Weisensel, Magician

George Lewis Weisensel was a Magician known as "Weisini". He was well known in his time for his "Splinter from the Hand" illusion where he asked a spectator to pull a small splinter from his hand... and what came out was a giant splinter, 7 inches long.

This post card and several others in my collection, were written by George to his wife Margaret (Peg) Weisensel. These post cards are from the 1920's through the 1950's. George must have spent a lot of time in hotel rooms, but he always sent Peg a note to let her know where he was. This particular card was mailed from the Rossi Motel Court in New Orleans in July 1954. One post card, mailed in 1933 from the Colonial Theater in Norfolk Virginia, was sent by William Tomlin (most likely Magician Tommy Tomlin) to George and Peg.

George, who was born in Rochester New York in 1898, became interested in Magic at the age of 15 when he saw the famous Houdini perform. George Weisensel was also a traveling dental salesman out of Baltimore Maryland when he was not performing magic.

Here is a great photo of George L. Weisensel from the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Magicians. An amazing group of people, always with a story to tell. Thank you George, for sharing yours with me.


Anonymous said...

I had to write & let you know that I stumbled across this when I googled the name George Weisensel. I grew up on North Prospect Ave. in Catonsville, MD & Mr. Weisensel was my next door neighbor. He & his wife resided at 41 North Prospect Ave. In fact, I was actually his "assistant" at several of hi magic shows that he would perform at senior centers or for children's group. I was 10 years old when I assisted very first job & I thought I was rich when he paid me for "helping" him with his magic act. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Bob Hartman said...

That's what I hope for each time I post an old card or photo. Thank you very much for sharing that memory of Mr. Weisensel.

bill said...

When I found your material on George Weisensel I fed his name into our computer ( and it spit out 227 references to him. He was a busy magician! Lot's of fun. Thanks for posting your postcard.

Bill Kalush
Conjuring Arts Research Center

Bob Hartman said...

Mr. Kalush, Your Conjuring Arts Research Center is a wonderful resource. Reading these old postcards from magician George Weisensel and then visiting your Website gave me an adult appreciation of the craft.

Thank you for your comments and for your visit to my little corner of the web.

Bob Hartman