Sunday, October 08, 2006

Whispers to Little Nell Hunnicutt, 1908, Athens GA

Her big brother John Hunnicutt sent these postcards to "little Nell" during the period from October 1907 through April 1908. John was probably attending school in Baltimore, where the postcards were postmarked. There is no evidence of sibling rivalry at all in these sweet old cards from "devoted brother John". From John's tone, little Nell may have been ill. Nell's sister Sara also sent her a card from Baltimore. I can hear these old whispers from the past as clear as the day they were sent.

Nell lived at 325 Milledge Avenue in Athens, later known as the Hamilton-Hunnicutt House. Her brother John went on to become Dr. John A. Hunnicutt, Jr. He had graduated from the University of Georgia and graduated in medicine at Johns Hopkins University in 1911. Afterwards, he went back to Clarke County, and set up a general practice in Athens.

I also have some postcards to or from Eleanor Hunnicutt, Mary D. Hunnicutt, Martha Hunnicutt, Sarah Hunnicutt, and Nellie Grattan Hunnicutt.

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