Sunday, October 22, 2006

Victorian Era Trade Card, Wilmington Delaware

This old Wilmington DE trade card, a crisp, black and white lithograph printed by W.J. Morgan and Company of Ohio, dates from the 1880's. It was copyrighted in 1882 and the business is listed in the Wilmington City Directory dated 1889. Businesses handed these ads out and many folks collected them to put them into their scrap albums. Those Victorians loved their scrap books, but this old thing missed being pasted into an album, and both sides (front and reverse) are free from glue.

The Domestic Sewing Machine Company of Wilmington was located, of course, on Market Street (414 Market Street). You'll see in the Wilmington City Directory, that there were 3 other sewing machine stores on Market St. in 1889, Including Singer.

Here's the front of the card....

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