Thursday, October 12, 2006

Union Park Gardens, Wilmington Delaware album

I just discovered this old photo album from Wilmington Delaware, and here are a few photos that I pulled out and scanned. The woman who kept this album is pictured by her boyfriend/husband Joe in the long white coat. She is known only as "Me". Joe is also pictured often, first in that long white coat back in 1940, then in front of the DuPont, Wilmington Shops in 1943, then in uniform in 1943 just prior to going overseas, and then finally in France. There are no homecoming pictures... I hope those are in another album somewhere.

Three of the photos shown above were taken at the DuPont Wilmington Shops, and in fact, she has titled one of the photos as "Four Wilmington Shops Gals". That photo of the four women includes "Me", Eileen Kelleher, Irene Manista, and Jean Travis".

Violet Condiff is the lady pictured alone.

Other photos in the album show the women and their boyfriends and husbands, some taken in the Union Park Gardens neighborhood in Wilmington. Most of the fellows are in uniform, including Sailor Leonard sitting beside Mrs. Williams on the porch. Other names in the album include Larry Read (Reed?), Anne Santillo, Dorothy Mitchell (Dot), Rose Gravino and Dom (Dominic?), Mrs. Collison, Everett Swenson, Robert Dobois (Dubois), Mr. Tully, Mr. Taylor, Jack Maxwell, and Mrs. and Mr. Oesterle.

My parent's generation, the "Greatest Generation".

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