Monday, October 02, 2006

Site of Future Dover Post Office

Pictured here is the Dover Hotel "Overlooking the Lake", Manager: George Takach, phone number, Dover 7481. This is a very nice old aerial view of Treadway Towers before the Lobby House patio, but that's not the only thing missing in this postcard view of Loockerman Street and Mirrow Lake.... the present day post office hadn't been built yet. Also, long before DNREC occupation, the old Richardson and Robbins Plant sits on the upper right side of the card just above the water tower.

My friend Bill Hill, who worked in the Richardson and Robbins building as the Chief of DNREC Enforcement, gave me this post card when he retired. Published by A. Ken Pfister of Dover, Delaware, this is one of my favorite postcards of Dover. Thanks Bill.

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