Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wyoming Delaware Musical Prodigy ... 1900

This old newspaper clipping is from February 12, 1900, but no telling what newspaper it was clipped from. The print shows little Miss Della E. Simmons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Simmons of Wyoming, Delaware. Little Della, as the clipping tells us, was a child prodigy with the violin. At only 4 1/2 years old, she began studying music under Miss Katharine Spencer of Dover, Delaware. By the age of 5, Della could play pieces that she had practiced but once, and made her solo debut before the Union Lodge, in the Hotel Richardson in Dover. "She astonished the Sons of Hiram".

I've not been able to find anything more about Della. Whatever happened to her and her violin? Would such a talent have simply faded into obscurity? Did she grow up, and did she continue to play? If you have a clue, please share it.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wesley Junior College Concerts in Dover

Earle Blakeslee was the guest soloist in the auditorium of the People's Church for this March 30, 1950 concert in Dover DE. The show was presented by Wesley Junior College Chorale. The back of the poster tells us a little about Mr. Blakeslee: A tenor of unusual warmth and charm, Earle Blakeslee combines a high degree of vocal ability with expert musicianship--and accomplishment which stands him in good stead in his dual role of singer and conductor of chorus and orchestra.

How about this one:

An old poster for the Spring Concert of April 16, 1948. Guest Soloist Floyd Worthington at the Capitol Theatre... presented by Wesley Junior College Choir and Glee Club.

Lots of opportunities for Dover folks to mingle and have a nice time.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Victorian Era Trade Card, Wilmington Delaware

This old Wilmington DE trade card, a crisp, black and white lithograph printed by W.J. Morgan and Company of Ohio, dates from the 1880's. It was copyrighted in 1882 and the business is listed in the Wilmington City Directory dated 1889. Businesses handed these ads out and many folks collected them to put them into their scrap albums. Those Victorians loved their scrap books, but this old thing missed being pasted into an album, and both sides (front and reverse) are free from glue.

The Domestic Sewing Machine Company of Wilmington was located, of course, on Market Street (414 Market Street). You'll see in the Wilmington City Directory, that there were 3 other sewing machine stores on Market St. in 1889, Including Singer.

Here's the front of the card....

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Confederate Calvary Soldier

A carte-de-visite taken at the Morse & Peaslee, Gallery of the Cumberland, No. 25 Cedar St., Nashville Tennessee. A very young soldier with two side-arms and a saber. A an actual Civil War relic. Who was he, what happened to him, what was his connection with the Maryland, Delaware area?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Union Park Gardens, Wilmington Delaware album

I just discovered this old photo album from Wilmington Delaware, and here are a few photos that I pulled out and scanned. The woman who kept this album is pictured by her boyfriend/husband Joe in the long white coat. She is known only as "Me". Joe is also pictured often, first in that long white coat back in 1940, then in front of the DuPont, Wilmington Shops in 1943, then in uniform in 1943 just prior to going overseas, and then finally in France. There are no homecoming pictures... I hope those are in another album somewhere.

Three of the photos shown above were taken at the DuPont Wilmington Shops, and in fact, she has titled one of the photos as "Four Wilmington Shops Gals". That photo of the four women includes "Me", Eileen Kelleher, Irene Manista, and Jean Travis".

Violet Condiff is the lady pictured alone.

Other photos in the album show the women and their boyfriends and husbands, some taken in the Union Park Gardens neighborhood in Wilmington. Most of the fellows are in uniform, including Sailor Leonard sitting beside Mrs. Williams on the porch. Other names in the album include Larry Read (Reed?), Anne Santillo, Dorothy Mitchell (Dot), Rose Gravino and Dom (Dominic?), Mrs. Collison, Everett Swenson, Robert Dobois (Dubois), Mr. Tully, Mr. Taylor, Jack Maxwell, and Mrs. and Mr. Oesterle.

My parent's generation, the "Greatest Generation".

Monday, October 09, 2006

Derickson Family, Selbyville Delaware

Here are 3 old postcards that were sent to the Derickson Family in Selbyville DE. Two of these pictured were sent to Mrs. N.M. Derickson and one to Mary E. Derickson.

Mr. Derickson must have worked on a ship, because one card in this collection was sent to him in care of the Schooner Mary B. Baird, in Jacksonville Florida. The sender originally mailed the card to Mayport FL, but that address was scratched out possibly because Mr. Derickson had already left for the next port. The new address also included (in care of) J.H.A. Hussey.

The postcard on the lower right is a "Carte Postale" and it features a print of Le Theatre Municipal in Saigon, Vietnam.

There are twelve old Derickson postcards in all, and they were mailed between 1909 and 1917.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Whispers to Little Nell Hunnicutt, 1908, Athens GA

Her big brother John Hunnicutt sent these postcards to "little Nell" during the period from October 1907 through April 1908. John was probably attending school in Baltimore, where the postcards were postmarked. There is no evidence of sibling rivalry at all in these sweet old cards from "devoted brother John". From John's tone, little Nell may have been ill. Nell's sister Sara also sent her a card from Baltimore. I can hear these old whispers from the past as clear as the day they were sent.

Nell lived at 325 Milledge Avenue in Athens, later known as the Hamilton-Hunnicutt House. Her brother John went on to become Dr. John A. Hunnicutt, Jr. He had graduated from the University of Georgia and graduated in medicine at Johns Hopkins University in 1911. Afterwards, he went back to Clarke County, and set up a general practice in Athens.

I also have some postcards to or from Eleanor Hunnicutt, Mary D. Hunnicutt, Martha Hunnicutt, Sarah Hunnicutt, and Nellie Grattan Hunnicutt.

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Scene around Greensboro Maryland

Donnie in Greensboro MD sent this postcard to his Grandmother, Mrs. Fulton Jones, on June 19, 1944. Mrs. Jones lived on Upton Street in Salisbury, Maryland, and I have seen a number of cards to her.

Greensboro is a nice old town in Caroline County Maryland, not too far from Dover, Delaware.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Mrs. Robert Potts, Newark Delaware, 1923

Mary sent this old postcard to Mrs. Robert Potts, 323 E. Main St., Newark Delaware. The card is postmarked in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on October 4, 1923 and features the Lit Brothers Store in Phiadelphia.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Young, bearded gentleman, Wilmington DE

I wanted to look distinguished. I wanted this photo to remind you of me. I believe that I pulled it off, don't you?

A cabinet card photo taken at the Holland Studio at 307 Market Street in Wilmington Delaware. The photographer, Thomas G. Holland, was listed in the 1889 Wilmington City Directory, but beyond that, I can't find out much about him.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Site of Future Dover Post Office

Pictured here is the Dover Hotel "Overlooking the Lake", Manager: George Takach, phone number, Dover 7481. This is a very nice old aerial view of Treadway Towers before the Lobby House patio, but that's not the only thing missing in this postcard view of Loockerman Street and Mirrow Lake.... the present day post office hadn't been built yet. Also, long before DNREC occupation, the old Richardson and Robbins Plant sits on the upper right side of the card just above the water tower.

My friend Bill Hill, who worked in the Richardson and Robbins building as the Chief of DNREC Enforcement, gave me this post card when he retired. Published by A. Ken Pfister of Dover, Delaware, this is one of my favorite postcards of Dover. Thanks Bill.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

198th Coastal Artillery, Bethany Beach DE

198th Coastal Artillery, Bethany Beach Delaware Posted by Picasa

A nice old postcard postmarked on August 6, 1932 and mailed to Miss Marie Rosengren in Hartly Delaware. The card was sent by Pvt. Clarence Courtney, Battery G of the 198th (the Kent County Battery). This could be the Clarence C. Courtney buried in Camden Delaware along with his wife, L. Virginia Courtney. The 198th was commanded by Col. George Schulz of Hartly during this time period.

Known later as the 945th in Kent County, and redesignated the 193d Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion.