Thursday, September 07, 2006

Petite Wilmington Delaware photos

Old Wilmington Delaware photos Posted by Picasa

These petite photos are only a little more than 1 1/2 by 3 inches but with excellent detail as was true with most photos of this time period. The unidentified young man was photographed at the studio of T. G. Holland at 307 Market Street. The young lady, as you can see, had her picture taken at the Cummings Gallery at 302 Market Street. Most of these Wilmington Delaware photographers were open for business on Market Street, it seems. The competition must have been fierce. Both Thomas G. Holland and J. R. Cummings were listed in the Wilmington City Directory in 1889. Mr. Cummings even had an ad on the page following his listing. It was no refrigerator magnet, but it musta been an attention grabber during the Victorian Era.

These were the days before chocolate phones, traffic cams and even before James Earl Jones (probably). Back in the day when a photograph was something to get dressed-up for. Its a shame that these old things lost their way, so if you suspect who they may be, please let me know.


LJ Hines said...

I have a photo of my great grandmother taken by Holland Photography with the address listed on the frame as 311 Market Street. (The address of Harry E. Bucher Photography in the 1889 City Directory.) Since the family moved to Oregon by 1882, Holland must have been at the "311" address in the early 1880s. I have been trying to date the photograph.

GKZhukov said...

Hey L.J. Hines, I also have a picture of my great, great grandfather taken by Holland at the 311 Market Street address. He is pictured in a military uniform and family lore says it is from the Spanish-American War era (1898), but he appears too young? He was a Civil War vet, although a young one, so I'm wondering how early this photo could be? --Mark O'Neill