Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lewes Delaware and Rehoboth Beach too

Just three nearly new/slightly old, postcards from Lewes and one 60's view of the boardwalk at Rehoboth. If you look closely, you call see Dolles up the walk, near the right hand side of the Rehoboth card. It looks a little different from the more recent version photographed by Mike Mahaffie on Mike's Musings, but an icon (minus the sign) nonetheless.

Shown also, the Zwaanendael House, the Methodist Church (a classic postcard view) and the Monument commemorating the settlement of the first Dutch colony in 1631.

Happy 375th Birthday, Lewes Delaware. You're still looking pretty good for 375. And you still have the best restaurants in the State as far as my amateur palate is concerned and (solemnly) I still name the Second Street Grille as the place that served me the best meal that I have ever eaten (except for those prepared by my lovely wife Cindy or old Mommy Hartman herself...of course).

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