Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tyrone Pennsylvania, Women With Hats

Daring trio of respectable Tyrone PA ladies, having a little fun, circa 1871 -1887. Photographed by the Stem and Smith studio of Tyrone. I actually visited Tyrone last week and found it to be a beautiful old town. I must have arrived during the rush hour because it sure was a busy place. We spotted the old YMCA, which looks like they're ready to either tear it down or start a major renovation. We also stopped in the library, which has a fantantic room dedicated to Tyrone history and genealogical research (Thank you Mrs. Smith).

I probably never would have seen Tyrone if not for all these old photos left behind by Dad. It was almost like he was riding with us on that trip.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lewes Delaware and Rehoboth Beach too

Just three nearly new/slightly old, postcards from Lewes and one 60's view of the boardwalk at Rehoboth. If you look closely, you call see Dolles up the walk, near the right hand side of the Rehoboth card. It looks a little different from the more recent version photographed by Mike Mahaffie on Mike's Musings, but an icon (minus the sign) nonetheless.

Shown also, the Zwaanendael House, the Methodist Church (a classic postcard view) and the Monument commemorating the settlement of the first Dutch colony in 1631.

Happy 375th Birthday, Lewes Delaware. You're still looking pretty good for 375. And you still have the best restaurants in the State as far as my amateur palate is concerned and (solemnly) I still name the Second Street Grille as the place that served me the best meal that I have ever eaten (except for those prepared by my lovely wife Cindy or old Mommy Hartman herself...of course).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

R. C. Holmes Studio, Dover Delaware

R.C. Holmes Studio Posted by Picasa

Here is an old photo taken by Russel C. Holmes and preserved in its original paper frame. The young lady in the photo may be a Jenkins family member. Folded behind the photo was a letter to Mrs. Jenkins of Woodside Delaware from the Viola Y.P.S.C.E. (Young People's Society for Christian Endeavor), H. P. Killen President. Found also behind the photo, 4 pages of charms, potions, and ways to predict just who a young woman would be marrying. The first charm is titled "The Nine Keys", and here is my translation... the writing is a little difficult to read:

Get nine small keys; they must all be your own by begging or purchase (borrowing will do), nor must you tell what your want them for; plant a three pl???ed band of your own hair, and tie them together fastening the ends with nine knots; fasten them with one of your garters to your left wrist on going to bed and bind the other garter around your head; then say St. Peter, take it not amiss, To try your favor I've done this; You are the ruler of the keys; favor one then if you please let me then your influence prove and see my dream and wedded love. This must be done on the eve of St. Peter and is an old charm used by the maidens of Rome in ancient times, who put great faith in it.

Now here is a potion for predicting your future mate:

Take a walnut, a hazelnut and a nutmeg; grate them together, and mix them with butter and sugar and make them up into small pills, of which exactly nine must be taken on going to bed, and according to your dreams, so will be the state of the person you will marry. If a gentleman your dream will be of riches, if a clergyman, of white linen; if a lawyer, of a darkness; if a tradesman, of odd noise and ?????; if a soldier or sailor, of thunder and lightning; if a servant, of rain.

(I'm not making-up that part about the lawyer)

There is also a potion for sleeping in a strange bed and one to know if a woman shall have the man she wishes. Hey don't start hollering at me, I'm as PC as the next guy. This is just old superstition....right?

The photographer, Russell C. Holmes, was a photographer here in Dover Delaware for nearly 50 years, opening his business way back in 1877 (after moving from Milford). Mr. Holmes studied under famed civil war photographer Mathew Brady.

If you can identfy this woman, please leave a comment.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Ellsworth Norris, Easton Maryland

Mama must have just made these new breeches for little Ellsworth, and judging from the bored expression on the lad's face, little boy's attitudes concerning clothing have changed little in the last 100 years. Written on the reverse of this vintage photo is "Ellsworth Norris" (could be Ellsworth Morris) and "Easton Maryland". Another happy Delmarva tyke.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wilmington Delaware Boys

These three young fellows in short pants were certainly posed awkwardly by the Beecher Studio in these old Cabinet Card photographs from around the turn of the (19th) century. That poor lad in the center is even partially covered by the curtain. These three may have been brothers or part of the same family. All three photos found together and all taken by the Beecher Studio at 315 Market Street in Wilmington DE.

The Abram P. Beecher studio is listed in the 1889 Wilmington City Directory

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Richard Beaston, Tyrone PA

Tyrone Pennsylvania Posted by Picasa

Looks like a creative toddler tried to colorize this old photo taken on August 31, 1921. On the reverse, an adult has stamped their mark... "Richard Beaston". The scene is of a lady feeding a small black bear. I still haven't figured out the Dover-Tyrone connection, but I'm still working on it. If you have any suggestions or clues, please be sure to leave a comment right here or send me an email.

Join the Beaston Family discussion at GenForum. Or read a short biography on USGENWEB.

Another old real photo postcard that I like to refer to as the Tyrone Tapper, and this one features a girl dancing. The photographer was W. H. Agnew of Tyrone Pennsylvania. This AZO postcard was printed sometime between 1918 and 1930.... I'd say this looks like it was the 1920's based on the syle.

W.H. Agnew shows up as an active citizen of Tyrone in the June 3, 1918, Tyrone Topics in the Altoona Tribune, Blair County, PA (as transcribed by Jessica Orr on Rootweb).

Mr. Agnew was also featured in Tyrone of Today, the 1897 Tyrone History by the Rev. W. H. Wilson.

For another look at Tyrone PA, check out the Basketball Champs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Vane photograph, Dover Delaware

J.H. Vane photograph Posted by Picasa

This unidentified lady was photographed by J. H. Vane, Photographer, Dover Delaware. This is another Dover ancester who is looking for her name, so please let me know if you recognize her.

The 1913 Farm Directory of Kent County lists a Druggist by the name of Harry Vane. His Drug Store was located on Loockerman Street and he owned a home at the corner of New and Reed Street. There may be a connection with J.H. Vane the photographer, although this photo looks much earlier than 1913.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wilson Roe, Harrington Delaware

On August 22, 1911, somebody in Atlantic City New Jersey sent this postcard to Mr. Wilson Roe in Harrington DE. It was 1911, so this couldn't have been too naughty, right? Frankly, I have no idea what it meant. The postcard must have been printed prior to 1907 because the reverse is undivided, a practice that stopped around that time.

The old post card below was mailed from Felton Delaware on February 21, 1911 by M. S. Melvin and it was sent to Mrs. Ira Roe of Harrington DE. Mrs. Melvin talks about her plans for coming down on the train for the funeral.

This Christmas postcard was sent to Lina Roe (could be Tina Roe) in Harrington Delaware. The sender was Rachel Cohee in Brooklyn New York, and the card is postmarked December 1910. Bring back the Christmas Postcard. I like the idea.

See another Roe postcard on an earlier posting from July 26th.

Henry Leaman

Henry Leaman Posted by Picasa

This old cabinet card photograph was taken by the Gilbert & Bacon Studio (1030 Chestnut St. and 820 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA). On the reverse is written: "Henry Leaman 21 months" and sadly; "died when 4 years old". From the advertising on the reverse, I know that the photograph was taken sometime after 1886.

Another old photo from Dad's collection, most likely found here in Delaware or nearby Maryland or Pennsylvania.

I've also posted another Leaman photo showing Reverend Charles Leaman in China.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mammoth, Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington Delaware trade card Posted by Picasa

Here is an old, Victorian era trade card from Wilmington DE. The card is for the Mammoth Five Cent Store at 221 Market Street in Wilmington. The victorians pasted these into scrapbooks... the 19th Century equivalent of a "favorites list".

Does anybody remember the Mammoth store?

Friday, September 08, 2006

John S. Cary

John S. Cary Posted by Picasa

This is a nice old undated portrait of baby John S. Cary, Age 1 year, weight 29 lbs. Back when a fellow could wear a dress and get away with it... and yes, there is a photo of me at this age, wearing similar attire.

The studio and location are not identified, but this old thing probably originates in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania area. Lots and Lots of photos in Dad's old boxes from our First State.

There's tons of Cary discussion at GenForum.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Petite Wilmington Delaware photos

Old Wilmington Delaware photos Posted by Picasa

These petite photos are only a little more than 1 1/2 by 3 inches but with excellent detail as was true with most photos of this time period. The unidentified young man was photographed at the studio of T. G. Holland at 307 Market Street. The young lady, as you can see, had her picture taken at the Cummings Gallery at 302 Market Street. Most of these Wilmington Delaware photographers were open for business on Market Street, it seems. The competition must have been fierce. Both Thomas G. Holland and J. R. Cummings were listed in the Wilmington City Directory in 1889. Mr. Cummings even had an ad on the page following his listing. It was no refrigerator magnet, but it musta been an attention grabber during the Victorian Era.

These were the days before chocolate phones, traffic cams and even before James Earl Jones (probably). Back in the day when a photograph was something to get dressed-up for. Its a shame that these old things lost their way, so if you suspect who they may be, please let me know.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Unidentified Wilmington Delaware Men

Two Unidentified Wilmington DE Men Posted by Picasa

This old carte-de-visite was taken sometime between 1858 and 1869 at the A. P. Beecher studio in Wilmington Delaware. Two men in casual poses, smoking cigars and apparently out for a good time in Wilmingon. Those were the days.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tommy Waller Savings Stamps, Seaford DE

Tommy Waller, Seaford DE Posted by Picasa

Tommy A. Waller (possibly Thomas Waller), Middleford Road, Seaford Delaware saved up $3.40 worth of U.S. Savings Stamps in this old stamp album before he called it quits. Why Tommy, why did you stop saving and why didn't you cash in these stamp for the coin? Are you still out there somewhere?

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Staub Family, Seaford Delaware

Staub, Seaford Delaware Posted by Picasa

Cousin Virginia (sitting) sent this old photo to Miss Laura Staub living in Seaford Delaware. This is a AZO real photo postcard published sometime around 1910. Also pictured is Rose Yanney (possibly Rose Yancey or Rose Yaucey). There is a short note from Virginia to Laura on the reverse.

See my other Staub photo while you're here, or check out the Staub discussions at Genforum. The Yancey Cousins United Website is a great resource for Yanney, Yancey surnames.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wilmington Delaware Photo

Wilmington Delaware man Posted by Picasa

This young fellow had his photo taken by A. N. Sanborn in Wilmington DE sometime between 1907 and 1918. You can see another Sanborn photo of a beautiful young, unidentified Wilmington lady on my earlier post. Or maybe you'll recognize the photos taken by the Curry studio in Wilmington.

Do you know who this Wilmington Delaware man is?