Friday, August 25, 2006

Vintage Loockerman Street, Dover Delaware

Loockerman St. Dover DE Posted by Picasa

Loockerman Street is really busy in this 1929 print published by the Chamber of Commerce in Dover, Delaware. This photo was taken from the second floor of the post office, which once stood at the intersection of State Street and Loockerman Street. You can see the old Wise Pharmacy on the left and you can barely make out the location of the train station at the end of Loockerman St. Take a look at the print below to see the view of Loockerman looking east.

Yes, that is the old post office at the end of Loockerman Street. This Chamber of Commerce pamphlet was printed by Cann Brothers & Kindig, Inc. of Wilmington Delaware, and there are 20 or so other old Dover photos in here. If you have an interest in seeing any in particular, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to get it on the blog.

Mike Mahaffie shows us what it looks like today, and I think I prefer how it looks now. Since I work nearby, I do walk in this area several times a week, and I gotta tell you, Dover Hardware is my favorite hardware store on the planet. I love that place. If you want to be part of the legend, you'd better get down there and buy something pronto. The wrecking ball is headed their way, I am very sorry to say.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Dover Hardware is no more. The place was torn down and nothing is there now.

Loockerman Street is a worn out place now.

Shopping happens at the mall.

Anonymous said...

You have obviously missed the best of Dover, which is downtown. The only thing at the mall is the theater... unless you are into rude sales clerks, loud over-indulged teens, and over-priced sub standard products.