Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Staub Brothers Fruit Farm

Staub Bros Fruit Farm Posted by Picasa

Three farm workers and a fliver full of Staub Fruit Farm produce ... maybe cider. This old truck looks to be just a notch or two above the wagon on the farm-vehicle evolutionary scale. The tires look like wagon wheels with a layer of rubber on them, and that has got to make for a bumpy ride. That jasper on the back barrel just might get shook loose if he doesn't hold on real tight. Last minute instructions from the boss man, and off they go into history and my blog.

If you recognize this farm, please let me know.

Check out the Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Staubs at Rootsweb.... or on Genforum.

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Anonymous said...

I saw your site, and was interested. My grandfather was August j. Staub, Prof. of Music at Spring Hill College, in Mobile, Ala for 52 years. He was from Zug, Switzerland. Would like to hear from you if there is a family conection. Thank you. Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino