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Kent County Delaware Scrap Book

Mary Jenkins Scraps Posted by Picasa

Here are ten pages of scraps collected by a member of the Jenkins or Reed family during the 1930's and early 1940's. The page above includes an article about Amos n' Andy (Freeman Fisher Gosden and Charles J. Correll) visiting President Hoover. There is a short article about the body of a Camden man, Alvin Marker, found in the asparagus patch of George Butler of Camden Wyoming Road (next to the old Quaker Meeting House). There is memorian for John G. Reed and a notice about the property of John D. Hawkins of Dover Delaware. The funeral rites for Miss Lizzie Buckingham of Bradford Street in Dover, who died February 14, 1937 are described. Also included, a short article about the tragic shooting death of Mrs. Annie Morrow of Felton Delaware.

The Reverend W. C. Buckson pastor of St. Pauls M.E. Church of Dover married Mrs Virginia Melvin of Dover and little Dorothea Cohee of Woodside was recovering from her injuries after being struck by a truck near the Woodside School. The P.W. Jenkins Store in Woodside was robbed by a pair of men from Philadelphia, allegedly Bill Robinson and Arthur Littlejohn. The case was advanced "following a grilling" by City Patrolman James Collins ( I hope he read them their rights). Mrs Emma Stewart of Viola died on April 11, 1940.

There are also a couple of quirky news-pieces, including one about Eunice Winstead Johns, a nine year old Sneedville Tennessee girl who wed Charlie Johns, a mountain man; one about Edward and Mrs Simpson; and a couple more about Amos and Andy. My favorite is a short story and photo of Barney the Cat. Barney's owner, Miss Frances M. Barney of Torresdale says that Barney the Cat, age 24, is the oldest cat in the county. Barney, who has had 173 kittens, attributes her longevity to Milk and Mice.

There is a print of a band showing Earl Shappell, Just Plain John, Brother Bob, Joe, Bobbie and Donnie (no it's not the Osmonds).

Somebody 70 or so years ago clipped these and posted them into a scrap book to treasure them for the remainder of their life. A touching brush with the past and with the goings on around Kent County.

Notices or articles on other pages concern Dr. Marcus W. Reed, Camden Druggist (formerly of Mr. Clair New Jersey), Theodore C. Warrington, Mr and Mrs Charles Poore of Clayton Delaware, Miss Helen Biddle, Mr. Francis Harrington, Mrs Mary H. Benson, Alfred G. Shahan of Woodside, Edith M. Minner, Mrs Barnard Jenkins, Roy Farrow of Woodside, Robert H. Reed of Dover, Miss Catherine Saunders of Woodside, John Lindale of Magnolia, Herman Schneider, and Linda Cox.

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ricksahm said...

I have met Eunice Winstead Johns, although Charlie is now dead. I would be interested in whatever you have about these two. said...

Would you contact me about Eunice Winstead?

Melody Smith said...

George and Annette Butler were my Great Aunt and Uncle. I dearly miss them. They were generous, good hearted people.