Friday, August 18, 2006

Irene Draper, Rally Day 1911

Draper Rally Posted by Picasa

Another postcard mailed to Miss Irene Draper. See my previous post for more about Irene.

Mame Van Burkalow mailed this Rally Day postcard from Magnolia Delaware on October 3, 1911. The card announces a school Rally Day for October 8th, 1911 and says "We want every pupil present. Notify your friends and relatives. Let us have a rousing beginning of our winter work. Cordially yours, Mame VanBurkalow". Irene Draper was still in Asbury Park New Jersey, but Mame sent this to her there anyway, telling her, "...wish you were going to be with us..."

These days we don't have Rally Day postcards, but we know school is near when the TV ads begin to show school children leaping over buildings, dancing in the street, and jumping into swimming pools with their bookbags.

Mame Van Burkalow , 1865 - 1916, one of the Delaware Van Burkalows, now resting at Barratts Chapel with her husband Caleb. This surname itself has quite a bit of history behind it, originating from the name of Dutch town of Borculo, the Burkalow website tells me that at one time there were over 300 variations of the spelling of the surname taken from the village name of Borculo. Prior to immigrating to American and having their names changed to Borculo, Burkalow, Burklow, Barkalow, Barricklow, Bartlow, Barkelow and several hundred other misnomers by well-meaning civil servants (I can relate), the actual family name appears to have started out as Lubberdinck ... go figure.

Visit the Van Borculo family website.

There may be a connection here with the Stout Family of Magnolia Delaware. Joan Stout was photographed in Asbury Park, near where Irene was staying. See the photograph here.

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