Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bryn Zion Baptist Church, Kenton Delaware

Brinzion Church, Kenton DE Posted by Picasa

This was actually the Bryn Zion Baptist Church of Kenton Delaware where Thomas Attix was buried in 1907 (later moved to Lakeside Cemetery in Dover Delaware). This is an unmailed postcard, with a note to "Glancy" (Glancy Jenkins of Woodside Delaware) from his grandmother. Glancy was the son of Mary Jenkins and Phillip Jenkins of Woodside DE, and this old card must be from around 1910 or so. Just how many postcards do you see featuring our very own Kenton Delaware.

Visit the Jenkins Family at Rootsweb. Or, see the Jenkins scrapbook on an earlier post on this blog. There's also some other Jenkins postcards here or even here.

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