Saturday, July 15, 2006

Railroad Station, Dover Delaware

Railroad Station, Dover DE Posted by Picasa

This old postcard was sent by Lena Lambertson from Camden Delaware, and it was postmarked on October 19, 1914. Lena sent her card to Mr. and Mrs L. Bloom in Hartly Delaware and her note begins, "Dear Uncle Louis". I did find a Louis Bloom, 1867 - 1946, buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Dover, in Kent County Delaware. Constance Bloom is buried there as well.

It's difficult for most of us to understand just how vital the railroad was around here in those days. Around that time, there were 75 to 100 trains steaming daily to Dover carrying passengers or freight. Here is another view of the station.

If you're interested in the Lambertson Family, see the McDowell, Lambertson, Kerns, Schwenker, Reichert web site, or check out the discussion at GenForum. Greg Lambertson also has a very large data base filled with Lambertsons from Delaware to Denmark.

Learn more about the Bloom Family at Rootsweb. Happy hunting... and thank you for looking here.

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