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Emmitsburg High School Yearbook, 1928

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The Emmitsburg Broadcaster features the Class of 1928 and also contains a class history starting from 1924, listing boys and girls who had to drop out and sometimes a reason. Besides the individual photos of the graduates of 1928, the Broadcaster also contains class photos of the classes of 1929, 1930, and 1931. There are team and faculty photos as well. Some wonderful old pages filled with Frederick County Maryland's children of 1928.

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The Class of 1928 included: Clara Ann Adams, Naomi Grace Martin, Sara Frances Pryor (Pete), Henry Lloyd Hoke, Dorothy Marie Agnew, Mary Margaret Zacharias, Aimee Ohler, and Raymond Clare Eyler. Mention is made of Ruth Valentine (who left school for farm work), of Catherine Troxell (who left to care for her mother), Clarence Troxell, and Charles Barrich (who left for farming), of Edward Poulson (who came down with "voluntary inertia"), of John Kugler (who left to earn money for a business course), Samuel Wagerman (who wondered what was the good of a high school education). Others who left school included Anna Waybright, Tresa Manning, Catherine Weddle, Walter Dorsey, Donald Diller (sporting with the girls), and Marion Ashbaugh.

The class of 1929 included: Nina Jane Baumgardner, Mary Etta Franklin, Helen Forest Maxell, Carrie Miller, Charles Richard Bollinger, Rachael Lavinia Smith, Helen Alma Stonesifer, Harriet Ruth Waybright, and Rosie Irene Warrenfeltz.

The class of 1930 included: Mae Fisher, Anna Holk, Pauline Baumgardner, Frances Hoke, Thomas Bollinger, Roy Shoemaker, Harry Troxell, Meade Eyler, Wilson Franklin, Everett Martin, Helen Higbee, Barbara Hoffman, James Pryor, William Krom, Mabel Naylor, George Cool, Elizabeth Kugler, Margaret Sharrer, Dorothy Caldwell, Clara Stonesifer, Carol Troxell, Clifford Shriver, Mae Roger, and of course Mary Fuss who also is pictured on the Volley Ball Team photo.

The Freshman class of 1931 included: Alice Wagerman, Alicia Winn, Charlotte Shriver, Charles Smith, Dorothy Troxell, Dorothy Wastler, Daniel Naill, Donald Trout, Evelyn Eby, Elizabeth Troxell, George Gingell, Herbert Angell, jessie Crouse, Lillian Brown, Margaret Franklin, Oldrich Tokar, Ralph Fitez, Ruth Hoke, and Weldon Shank.

The alumni of 1925, 1926, and 1927 are also listed with a short note as to their where-abouts. Those names include: Higbee, Naylor, Franklin, Dern, Baumgardner, Hays, Adelsberger, Staumbaugh, Orndorff, Martin, Harner, Fuss, Rogers, Shoemaker, Naill, Zimmerman, Hauver, Hoke, Burroughs, Shriver, Eyler, Eyster, Grushon, and Kugler.

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