Friday, July 28, 2006

Delaware Dentistry, 1880's

Dr. Honeywell Posted by Picasa

This is a Victorian era trade card featuring painless dental procedures by Dr. Honeywell. Dr. E.C. Honeywell operated Dental Parlors in Wilmington Delaware, Philadelphia and Harrisburg Pennsylvania in the 1880's. In Wilmington, his parlor was located at 703 Market Street, the location of present day Cavanaugh's Resturant. You can find him listed in the 1889 Wilmington City directory, in the business section under Dentists.

Back in the 1880's you could get all your teeth pulled for free by Dr. Honeywell as long as you agreed to buy a good set of replacement teeth for just 5 dollars. Dr. Honeywell, who stayed open until 8 in the evening, would clean your teeth for just 75 cents and could fill a tooth for just 50 cents. Oh my... inflation has been cruel to us 21st century chewers considering the price for dental care these days. My dentist will probably read this so let me also say, "Hey Doc R... you're the best, and yes I recognize that there have been tremendous advances in your science since 1889 (see you in October)".

But getting back to this old trade card, doesn't "Dental Parlor" have a better sound to it than "dentist office". Not that it will lower those painful modern fees, but from now on I plan to refer to my dentist's office as the Dental Parlor. The Dental Parlor, I like that.

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