Thursday, June 01, 2006

Van Wickel, Springsteen, Devoo, Bennet papers

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Where the old man came upon these, we'll never know, but these papers hold an incredible amount of family history dating back to 1750. Found with several loose pages of a Holy Bible dated 1852, a Van Wickel has carefully scribed the family line back to Frederick Van Wickel and Grietie Springsteen, including dates of birth, dates of death, and dates married for some family members. Some are scribed in the Holy Bible, some scribed in pages pasted onto the Bible page, and some scribed on writing paper found with the rest. I can see no date more recent than 1880 on the hand written papers. Names include Simmons, Learles, Lyman, Armatero, Hammond, McDonough and probably some more.

There are two pages of the line of Frederick Devoo (Devo, Devoe, Deveaux) of Morrissinia(?), including Bennet, Leverich, Rierson, Ryerson, Cisco, Huntress, and Watson. Everything is written in very ornate script, which is hard to read at times.

The writer has also recorded an inscription for Hannah on a grave in the Family Burial Ground as well as a very sad short story about the terrible voyage taken from Nova Scotia by David Van Wickel and his family. Others mentioned are Benjamin Moore of Newtown and George Rapelje (?) from Nova Scotia. Also included, some old Church reports from 1882 (Union Evangelical Church of Corona Long Island, New York) and 1917 (Leverich Memorial Church of Corona New York).

See also the Burroughs, Van Wickle Deed described in an earlier Blog of mine.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if this bible is for sale and all the details as I have an ancestor named Frederick VanWickel.

Anonymous said...

This is my family! Please contact me immediately. I an interested in any and all info, ephemera, photographs etcetera you may have on the VanWickle, Devoe, Hammond, and related items. Please contact me asap. Thank you. Traci

Bob Hartman said...

I'm sure I still have that, but it's been a long time since I put it away somewhere.