Saturday, June 03, 2006

R. Shelton MacKenzie

Robert Shelton MacKenzie Posted by Picasa

This Victorian era Cabinet Card Photograph features R. Shelton MacKenzie. On the bottom front, someone has written " 1809 - 1879, R. Shelton Mackenzie. On the reverse, is inscribed "best regards from R. Shelton Mackenzie March 1879". The photo was taken by Broadbent and Taylor at 914 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Based upon the name and the dates, this man was also known as Dr. Robert Shelton (1809 - 1880), born born at Drew's Court, Limerick County, Ireland, 22 June, 1809. Dr. MacKenzie was a famous author of the time, writing "The Life of Dickens" and "Bits of Blarney" and more. There is one other MacKenzie autograph that I found on . I have compared the two signatures and have found them to be alike with many identical characters.

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Gail Stokes - Manchester UK said...

Hello there, Robert Shelton Mackenzie forms a somewhat lurid leaf on my family tree, and I have a lovely set of divorce papers to prove it. I would love to get hold of a copy of this postcard if you could point me in the right direction. Although not mentioned in any biography I've found on the Internet, I can prove that this man married my Harriett Georgina Dickenson in 1851 in Manchester and deserted her in 1852, finally bigamously marrying again in America in 1858ish. Harriett divorced him in 1860. I wonder if I could leave you my e-mail address:

Anonymous said...

Sean from Offaly Ireland - Going through an old scrapbook belonging to my Great Grandfather I found a letter written to him from R Shelton Mackenzie. The signature is the same as what is on the postcard. Dated Dec 14 1869