Friday, June 02, 2006

Mostowski Sisters

Sisters Mostowski Posted by Picasa

This is an old CYKO real photo post card with a photo of the "Sisters Mostowski" on the front. The card is unsent and with no messge or clue to the actual date or place of origin. The owner has written her sisters names on the card. From left to right they are: "Me"; "Sofie" (Sofia Mostowski); "Helen" Mostowski; and "Josie" Josephine Mostowski. My wife's dad collected this somewhere from the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania area, including lots of cards from New York, New Jersey, and New England states. Please leave a comment if you know these young ladies; and thank you very much for visiting.

I did find, on Family Search, a Josephine Mostowski who died in 1975, from Olyphant, Blakely, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

My name is Martin Wozniak, I'm searching information about Mostowski family.
My family - Mostowski family ( Bronislav and Zofia) was a landholder - 300 ha had lended from Nabokov family in Lubcha, but Mostowski family in Minsk gubernia had a land in Gran near Rubiezewicze and in Okinczyce near Stolpce.Unfortunately in second war most of photos and documents has fired but if you want I can send what I have. Bronislaw brother John Mostowski go to USA before I war. He had wife Jospehine Mostowski and 6 child he lived in New Market and in Piscataway NJ. I'm think that Josephine wasn't this Jospehine,but maby John
went to USA because his family was there?
I want You ask to help me. If you have any documents with name Mostowski or photos ora infomation about Mostowski from teritory Belarusian(before II war it was Poland). In enclosure i send you my 2 photos from lubcha witch saved in my family.

respectfully yours

Marcin Wozniak

Ps. Characterisic for Mostowski family was blond hairs. I can send a family tree XIX-XX.
My mail:

Bob Hartman said...

Mr. Wozniak. Thank you very much for sharing that Mostowski history with us. I will search through the materials that I have and will let you know if I find anything in that line. Thank you again.

Bob Hartman,