Friday, June 16, 2006

Margaret & Tina Miller Photo

Margaret Miller Posted by Picasa

An old turn of the century, real photo postcard featuring a group of young people. On the reverse is written, "Margaret & Tina Miller, Bill Tweedie". There's no indication where this photograph of Margaret Miller, Tina Miller, and William Tweedie was taken, but this was collected by my wife's Dad, who collected most of his stuff in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania area. We've been running into photos from New York, as well.

Thanks to the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History website, I did find a William Tweedie and a Maggie C. Miller residing in Hamden New York in 1906 and mentioned in the last will and testament of another William Tweedie of Walton New York. If you are familiar with this family in New York, could you tell me if this photo may be the Millers of Hamden. Thank you for any advice you can offer. Just email me or leave a comment right here on the Blog.

I'll post another similar postcard soon, written in the same handwriting and featuring "Ruth Miller cousins".

You can also find more information about the Miller Family and the Tweedie Family on RootsWeb. Or check out Genforum for more on the Millers and the Tweedies.

ADDED: the postcard is a divided-back postcard, so it was printed in 1907 or later.

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