Thursday, June 15, 2006

Magnificent Beast, Millers Mills, 1916

Millers Mill 1916 Posted by Picasa

This is a cute old real photo postcard (AZO). On the reverse is written, "Aug 1916 Millers Mills". Based on a look at place names and other post cards in the collection, this is very likely Millers Mills NY just north of Millers Mills Crossing, a hamlet of Columbia New York in Herkimer County, upstate New York. There may be a river in the background.

This old photo is funny, I think. There are seven men pictured. The three oldest ones are crammed into this car/wagon contraption, one not even having a place to sit. The four younger fellows all seem intent on pushing the car and/or keeping it running.... which appears to be a full time endeavor. One of the oldest guys is holding a lantern, obviously expecting to still be out when darkness falls. The photo is so clear, I can see the wedding ring on this gentleman's finger.

I've never seen an antique car like this; its an odd contraption thats for sure. I can't even spot a steering wheel. Oh yeah... back in the day when a Sunday drive was really an adventure, and apparently a great opportunity for male bonding and exercising the old pecking order. Wish I coulda been there, I really do.

PLEASE... if you can tell me anything about this photo, particularly the antique automobile, email me or leave a comment. and thank you for looking.

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