Saturday, June 03, 2006

E&M Garrett Photographer, Wilmington DE

The 9 carte-de-visite photos below were all taken by E & M Garrett in Wilmington Delaware and none are identified, except for the studio name and photo number on the reverse. Do you recognize any of these gentlemen? Photo numbers include: 17308, 17989, 19842, 19961, 20013, 20401, 20416, 20988, and 21247. Most of these photos were taken in the 1860's.

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The E & M Studio, which had been located at 218 Market Street, was moved to 720 Market Street in Wilmington, where these photos were taken. The studio was operated by Elwood Garrett (aka Ellwood Garrett and his son Maurice Garrett (aka Morris Garrett). Later Maurice operated the studio with his brother Warren, changing the name of the establishment to M. & W. Garrett studio.

Elwood Garrett ran the studio from 1850 until 1870 and after that, his sons ran the business until it closed in 1888.

Elwood was the oldest son of Thomas Garrett, famous for his anti-slavery courage and passionate participation with the great Underground Railroad. The family, including Ellwood, came to Wilmington from Upper Darby Pennsylvania in 1822. Ellwood studied under famed daguerreian photographer Samuel Broadbent during his stay in Wilmington Delaware between 1849 and 1851. The 1889 Wilmington City Directory listed Elwood residing at 611 Washington Street.

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ADDED June 23, 2006: These photographs are no longer in my collection. The Garrett photos have been rescued by Mr. Bob Seeley, a Garrett Family member and relative to famed abolishionist Thomas Garrett. Mr. Seeley has donated the photos to the Historical Society Of Delaware, located on Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware. You can see them all there.

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