Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blair County Line, Cambria County PA

Blair County PA Posted by Picasa

An interesting old photo of a place in Blair County and Cambria County Pennsylvania. On the reverse is written: " Blair County Line to Cambria half the house". The house looks like some sort of commercail establishment, maybe a Tavern or station of some sort. There is a sign, but I can't read it. The 5 folks pictured don't appear to be a family, just an interesting assortment of early 20th Century Humans. The two fellows on the right are better dressed than the rest and look a tad official. The gentleman in the center is smoking a cigar and looks a little tipsey. The woman is wearing an apron that is tattered, but she seems to be enjoying getting her picture taken. The man on the far right is leaning on a long rifle.

The building in the background is so very odd. There is a portrayal of a running man on the front of the building. It could be painted on, but appears more 3-dimensional, almost like an effigy.

Looking at the map, Highland Fling PA or Allegheny Portage appear to good choices of places where the Blair County and Cambria County Lines may have divided a house. Please leave a comment if you recognize where this photo may have been taken or if you have seen any odd effigies like the one pictured.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say that the picture is of the building along the railroad at 17th street in Altoona. There is no buildings along the Blair county & Cambria county line with railroad tracks involved. The county line is just before the Gallitzin Tunnels and there's no town or houses in that area - well, not since Bennington ceased to exist as a town sometime around the Depression. The railroad tracks between Altoona (Blair County) and Gallitzin (Cambria County) is referred to as the Blair/Cambria line, and that's most likely the reference of the inscription & not the actual "county line" between Balir & Cambria counties. Sorry I can't help you more, but maybe that will help. The building I'm thinking of looks a bit different than the one in your pic, but it could be because it had been altered later on?