Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grey Eagle, 1860's Photo

Grey Eagle Posted by Picasa

A carte-de-visite photograph taken by Luther R. Cheeseman, 27 East State Street, Trenton New Jersey. Written on the left side of the photograph has been written "Grey Eagle" in pencil. Judging from the mount behind the photo and the address of the photographer, this photo was taken in the early 1860's, during the civil war.

The sire of Traveller (General Robert E. Lee's mount during the war) was a horse named Grey Eagle, born in 1835 and who died in Morrow County Ohio on July 4th, 1863. I wonder if this is that great race horse, who lost to Wagner in perhaps the most famous race of the 19th Louisville Kentucky in 1839.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Susanna Cook, Buried in Old Swedes Cemetery

Susanna Cook Posted by Picasa

This is a very old Carte-de-visite dating from between 1858 and 1869. On the reverse is written "Susanna Cook Wife of Christopher Qennaut" (Fennaut?) and: " Buried in Old Swedes Cemetary". I dont know if this is the cemetery in Wilmington Delaware or the one in Philadelphia PA.

The photo was taken at the Studio of Draper & Husted, Ridge Avenue & Wallace St, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lottie Todd Postcard, Dover Delaware 1909

Main St. Millsboro DE Posted by Picasa

This old postcard features Maine Street in Millsboro Delaware. Its a little torn and tattered from its long life, but it is a wonderful scene of Delaware days gone by. The postcard was mailed from Millsboro in 1909 to Lottie H. Todd (could be Charlotte Todd ), 114 Reed St. Dover, Delaware.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

B. T. Lewis, Hopkins Virgina

B.T. Lewis, Virginia Posted by Picasa

This is an old, circa 1870 - 1880, cabinet card photo of Mr. B. T. Lewis taken in Wilmington Delaware by Wilmington Photo Co. 407 1/2 Market Street, Wilmington DE. On the reverse is written Mr. B. T. Lewis (or B. F. Lewis), Hopkins VA. Please comment if you recognize Mr. Lewis.

Explore your Lewis roots at RootsWeb.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thomas Family Photo, Centerville SD

Letha Thomas Posted by Picasa

Another old, real photo postcard...this one taken by Kellers Studio in Centerville South Dakota. On the reverse has been written "Letha and Viola Thomas". Letha is difficult to read and Letha Thomas may actually be Litha Thomas or Lillia Thomas. The postcard is an ARTURA postcard which dates between 1910 and 1924.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

WDEL Wilmington Delaware

WDEL Tex Larraine Posted by Picasa

This is an old, real photo postcard, postmarked on July 13, 1939 from North East Maryland and mailed to Mrs Russell Virdin in Magnolia Delaware. (Russel Verdin of Magnolia was Son of Olin Verdin Sr. and Nettie Artis Virdin of Hartly, Kent County Delaware).

This old card features the "Range Riders" shown behind a WDEL microphone. The Range Riders consisted of Hank, Tex, Slim, Shorty, and Cheyenne. Tex was the leader, but I can't make out his last name... Tex Larraine, Tex Lorraine, Tex Larraime, Laramie (?).

"Cheyenne" was Eddie Woods (Edward Woods) of Cheyenne Wyoming.

I wonder if this was WDEL the radio station or WDEL the TV station in Wilmington Delaware?
Does anybody remember the Range Riders?

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Find more about the Virdin Family (Virden) Here.

WDEL has a blog as well, so check that out too (although none of these characters have posted anything on there lately).

Thursday, June 22, 2006

R. C. Holmes Studio ... 1890 photos

R.C. Holmes Posted by Picasa

Neither of these two old photographs are identified, but they were taken at R. C. Holmes, State Street, in Dover, Delaware, probably between 1880 and 1900.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wilmington Delaware, M&W Garrett Studios

M & W Garrett Posted by Picasa

Maurice Garrett (aka Morris Garrett) and Warren Garrett were the sons of Wilmington Photographer Ellwood Garrett and the grandsons of Delaware's greatest humanitarian, abolitionist Thomas Garrett, who is credited with helping more than 2,700 slaves escape to freedom.

Maurice and Warren operated a photography studio at 720 Market Street in Wilimington Delaware... M. & W. Garrett studio. The cabinet card photograph on the left dates from about 1875 -1877 and the one on the right was probably taken near the time when the business closed in 1888. The subjects are not identified. If you recognize who these folks may be, please email me or leave a comment.

Learn more about your family history in Delaware at Genforum.

ADDED June 23, 2006: These photographs are no longer in my collection. The Garrett photos have been rescued by Mr. Bob Seeley who has donated them to the Historical Society Of Delaware, located on Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware. You can see them all there.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ruth Miller cousins

Ruth Miller Cousins Posted by Picasa

Another old but undated real photo post card. This type of postcard dates from 1907 or later.

Written on the reverse, is "Ruth Miller Cousins". It is important to note that this is the same handwriting as found on the Margaret and Tina Miller and William Tweedie photo posted yesterday. These Millers are connected, and may be part of the Delaware County, Hamden NY, Miller family. If you recognize this folks, please share who they are with me via email or just leave a comment below. Thank you.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Margaret & Tina Miller Photo

Margaret Miller Posted by Picasa

An old turn of the century, real photo postcard featuring a group of young people. On the reverse is written, "Margaret & Tina Miller, Bill Tweedie". There's no indication where this photograph of Margaret Miller, Tina Miller, and William Tweedie was taken, but this was collected by my wife's Dad, who collected most of his stuff in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania area. We've been running into photos from New York, as well.

Thanks to the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History website, I did find a William Tweedie and a Maggie C. Miller residing in Hamden New York in 1906 and mentioned in the last will and testament of another William Tweedie of Walton New York. If you are familiar with this family in New York, could you tell me if this photo may be the Millers of Hamden. Thank you for any advice you can offer. Just email me or leave a comment right here on the Blog.

I'll post another similar postcard soon, written in the same handwriting and featuring "Ruth Miller cousins".

You can also find more information about the Miller Family and the Tweedie Family on RootsWeb. Or check out Genforum for more on the Millers and the Tweedies.

ADDED: the postcard is a divided-back postcard, so it was printed in 1907 or later.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Magnificent Beast, Millers Mills, 1916

Millers Mill 1916 Posted by Picasa

This is a cute old real photo postcard (AZO). On the reverse is written, "Aug 1916 Millers Mills". Based on a look at place names and other post cards in the collection, this is very likely Millers Mills NY just north of Millers Mills Crossing, a hamlet of Columbia New York in Herkimer County, upstate New York. There may be a river in the background.

This old photo is funny, I think. There are seven men pictured. The three oldest ones are crammed into this car/wagon contraption, one not even having a place to sit. The four younger fellows all seem intent on pushing the car and/or keeping it running.... which appears to be a full time endeavor. One of the oldest guys is holding a lantern, obviously expecting to still be out when darkness falls. The photo is so clear, I can see the wedding ring on this gentleman's finger.

I've never seen an antique car like this; its an odd contraption thats for sure. I can't even spot a steering wheel. Oh yeah... back in the day when a Sunday drive was really an adventure, and apparently a great opportunity for male bonding and exercising the old pecking order. Wish I coulda been there, I really do.

PLEASE... if you can tell me anything about this photo, particularly the antique automobile, email me or leave a comment. and thank you for looking.

Join the discussion about this old car(?) at the Antique Automobile Club of America.

To learn more about Herkimer County, join the discussion at Genforum

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

J. Wm. Newendorf photo

J. Wm. Newendorf Posted by Picasa

A real photo postcard picturing J. Wm. Newendorf (probably J. William Newendorf). This is a CYKO post card dating from 1904 or later. Mr. Newendorf is wearing a uniform with military buttons with, I believe, anchors on them. On his collar, is the number "102", with something crossed in the background. If you recognize this uniform or the unit, please leave a comment. thank you.

This is from my wife's father's collection and he probably picked it up somewhere in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania area.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blair County Line, Cambria County PA

Blair County PA Posted by Picasa

An interesting old photo of a place in Blair County and Cambria County Pennsylvania. On the reverse is written: " Blair County Line to Cambria half the house". The house looks like some sort of commercail establishment, maybe a Tavern or station of some sort. There is a sign, but I can't read it. The 5 folks pictured don't appear to be a family, just an interesting assortment of early 20th Century Humans. The two fellows on the right are better dressed than the rest and look a tad official. The gentleman in the center is smoking a cigar and looks a little tipsey. The woman is wearing an apron that is tattered, but she seems to be enjoying getting her picture taken. The man on the far right is leaning on a long rifle.

The building in the background is so very odd. There is a portrayal of a running man on the front of the building. It could be painted on, but appears more 3-dimensional, almost like an effigy.

Looking at the map, Highland Fling PA or Allegheny Portage appear to good choices of places where the Blair County and Cambria County Lines may have divided a house. Please leave a comment if you recognize where this photo may have been taken or if you have seen any odd effigies like the one pictured.

Learn more about Cambria County at Cambria County Pennslyvania Genealogy or at the Cambria County Historical Society. Another good resource is Genforum for Cambria County.

Find out more about Blair County at Blair County Genealogy Project on RootsWeb, or try the Blair County Genealogical Society.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Delaware Tag 475, 1939

tag475 Posted by Picasa

This is one of three photos that I have of this car and of two young men posing beside or in it. This looks like northern Delaware, up in the rolling hills. The car has a 1939 Delaware license tag, number 475, and its displayed on the front of the car. Please, if you know this three digit tag or this fellow, leave a comment or email me.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Photo of Joan Stout, 1893

Joan Stout Posted by Picasa

On the reverse of this old cabinet card is written "Joan Stout. 1893". This cute little girl was photographed by Stauffen studios at 304 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Check out the Stout history at RootsWeb. Or visit GenForum to find more Stout discussion.

There may be a connection here to the Stout, Draper, VanBurkalow families of Magnolia Delaware.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ada S. Jones, Died Feb 3, 1908

Ada S. Jones Posted by Picasa

A strip of 4 photographs of "Ada S. Jones, age 17 years & 5 months". No location or photographer indicated on this old photo. Ada is often the short form of a first name, so this may be Adelaide S. Jones. Do you know this young lady?

Discover more about your Jones family roots at RootsWeb

Saturday, June 03, 2006

E&M Garrett Photographer, Wilmington DE

The 9 carte-de-visite photos below were all taken by E & M Garrett in Wilmington Delaware and none are identified, except for the studio name and photo number on the reverse. Do you recognize any of these gentlemen? Photo numbers include: 17308, 17989, 19842, 19961, 20013, 20401, 20416, 20988, and 21247. Most of these photos were taken in the 1860's.

Posted by Picasa

The E & M Studio, which had been located at 218 Market Street, was moved to 720 Market Street in Wilmington, where these photos were taken. The studio was operated by Elwood Garrett (aka Ellwood Garrett and his son Maurice Garrett (aka Morris Garrett). Later Maurice operated the studio with his brother Warren, changing the name of the establishment to M. & W. Garrett studio.

Elwood Garrett ran the studio from 1850 until 1870 and after that, his sons ran the business until it closed in 1888.

Elwood was the oldest son of Thomas Garrett, famous for his anti-slavery courage and passionate participation with the great Underground Railroad. The family, including Ellwood, came to Wilmington from Upper Darby Pennsylvania in 1822. Ellwood studied under famed daguerreian photographer Samuel Broadbent during his stay in Wilmington Delaware between 1849 and 1851. The 1889 Wilmington City Directory listed Elwood residing at 611 Washington Street.

Discover more about your Garretts at RootsWeb or Garretts at Genforum.

ADDED June 23, 2006: These photographs are no longer in my collection. The Garrett photos have been rescued by Mr. Bob Seeley, a Garrett Family member and relative to famed abolishionist Thomas Garrett. Mr. Seeley has donated the photos to the Historical Society Of Delaware, located on Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware. You can see them all there.

R. Shelton MacKenzie

Robert Shelton MacKenzie Posted by Picasa

This Victorian era Cabinet Card Photograph features R. Shelton MacKenzie. On the bottom front, someone has written " 1809 - 1879, R. Shelton Mackenzie. On the reverse, is inscribed "best regards from R. Shelton Mackenzie March 1879". The photo was taken by Broadbent and Taylor at 914 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Based upon the name and the dates, this man was also known as Dr. Robert Shelton (1809 - 1880), born born at Drew's Court, Limerick County, Ireland, 22 June, 1809. Dr. MacKenzie was a famous author of the time, writing "The Life of Dickens" and "Bits of Blarney" and more. There is one other MacKenzie autograph that I found on . I have compared the two signatures and have found them to be alike with many identical characters.

Find more about your MacKenzie roots on RootsWeb. Or, visit the's Genforum.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mostowski Sisters

Sisters Mostowski Posted by Picasa

This is an old CYKO real photo post card with a photo of the "Sisters Mostowski" on the front. The card is unsent and with no messge or clue to the actual date or place of origin. The owner has written her sisters names on the card. From left to right they are: "Me"; "Sofie" (Sofia Mostowski); "Helen" Mostowski; and "Josie" Josephine Mostowski. My wife's dad collected this somewhere from the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania area, including lots of cards from New York, New Jersey, and New England states. Please leave a comment if you know these young ladies; and thank you very much for visiting.

I did find, on Family Search, a Josephine Mostowski who died in 1975, from Olyphant, Blakely, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Van Wickel, Springsteen, Devoo, Bennet papers

Van Wickel, Devoo Posted by Picasa

Where the old man came upon these, we'll never know, but these papers hold an incredible amount of family history dating back to 1750. Found with several loose pages of a Holy Bible dated 1852, a Van Wickel has carefully scribed the family line back to Frederick Van Wickel and Grietie Springsteen, including dates of birth, dates of death, and dates married for some family members. Some are scribed in the Holy Bible, some scribed in pages pasted onto the Bible page, and some scribed on writing paper found with the rest. I can see no date more recent than 1880 on the hand written papers. Names include Simmons, Learles, Lyman, Armatero, Hammond, McDonough and probably some more.

There are two pages of the line of Frederick Devoo (Devo, Devoe, Deveaux) of Morrissinia(?), including Bennet, Leverich, Rierson, Ryerson, Cisco, Huntress, and Watson. Everything is written in very ornate script, which is hard to read at times.

The writer has also recorded an inscription for Hannah on a grave in the Family Burial Ground as well as a very sad short story about the terrible voyage taken from Nova Scotia by David Van Wickel and his family. Others mentioned are Benjamin Moore of Newtown and George Rapelje (?) from Nova Scotia. Also included, some old Church reports from 1882 (Union Evangelical Church of Corona Long Island, New York) and 1917 (Leverich Memorial Church of Corona New York).

See also the Burroughs, Van Wickle Deed described in an earlier Blog of mine.

Learn more about the Family VanWickel, VanWickles, VanWicklin at RootsWeb or see John Van Wicklins page. Find more on the Devoo family at Cousin Connect , at the pages of Long Island Genealogy , or on GenForum.