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Rohrsburg Advanced School, Columbia County Pennsylvania

Rohrsburg School, Greenwood Township PA Posted by Picasa

A School Souvenir card from Rohrsburg Advanced School for school year 1896 - 1897. The school was in Greenwood Township, Columbia County Pa. This must have been the school yearbook back in those days. On the reverse are the classes and the names of the students, teacher and others involved with the school. In "A Class", pupils included Allie DeWitt, Grace Utt, Lizzie Bangs, Warren Utt, Minard Workheiser, Clyde Nagle, Clark Chilcote, Charles Parker, Pierce Rhone (see Generation 4, Whitenight History), Clark Kitchen, Clark Utt, Loney Walters, Jesse Gerrard, Swazze Black, and Elmer Kitchen

In "B Class" there were Hattie Workheiser, Emma Freas, Etta Utt, Bessie Rhone, Ellen Reece, Lela Shultz, Gertrude Follmer, Rosetta Kramer, Florence Black, Enos Hartman, Charles Freas, Willet Mather, Ira Parker, James Utt, Uriah Bangs, Irven Kramer, Warren Gerrard, William Gerrard, Viola Kramer, Lola Brunstetter, Sadie Fegley, Clinton Kline, Vernon Bangs, Ada Walters, and Bertha Albertson.

The pupils in "C Class" were Gertude Hartman, Ila Hartman, Mazie Freas, Frances Parker, Verva Vaughn, Mary Kline, Maud Appleman, Jennie Brunstetter, John Rantz, Joseph Hartman, Claud Appleman, Amos Kline, Lewis Parker, Roy Nagle, Mona Smith.

The School Directors are listed at Joseph Reece, George Dieffenbach, Wesley Albertson, Jacob Welliver, Eil Williver, and Galard McHenry. J. K. Miller was the County Superintendent and C. H. Potter was the teacher. The old card was published by H. G. Phillips, Publisher, Williamsport PA.

The bitter-sweet inscription on the reverse of the card says: "Ah me! those joyous days are gone! I little dreamt till they had flown. How fleeting were the hours." True as it ever was...and as it ever will be.

Many of these names can be found on the Columbia County Biographies.
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