Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Photo of Zella Bunnell

Photograph of Zella Bunnell Posted by Picasa

On the reverse of this old photo is written, "Aunt Zella Bunnell". According to "Behind the Name", Zella Bunnell may be short for Marcella Bunnell. There is no photographer or location named on the photo. The person who wrote on the reverse of the photograph, was the same person who wrote on the pictures of John Mathews, and the the picture of Nelson Britton and family, so there is some connection to the Mathews, Bunnell Family and the Britton family. See my blog posted yesterday for Nelson Britton.

The three names of the photos posted for Bunnell, N. Britton, and John Mathews appear on the Lycoming County Genealogy Pages. I have found other items in the collection from Lycoming County and Tioga County PA, and these people may have been from this area of Pennsylvania. Also, take a look at Joyce Tice's Tri-County Genealogy and History site for more information on Mathews and Bunnell. She maintains a wonderful website for the area and you should spend some time there if you're interested in Chemung County New York, Tioga County Pennsylvania or Bradford County Pennsylvania.

Visit RootsWeb for more about the Bunnell Family History.

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