Thursday, May 18, 2006

Joseph Burroughs, David VanWickle Deed 1827

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An old Deed and Indenture Agreement Between Thomas Burroughs, Sarah Burroughs, Joseph Burroughs, William H. Vandervoort (or Vandervoot) and David Van Wickle (Van Wickel). Recorded in Queens County, New York on December 22, 1827, this old document also refers to the last will and testament of Joseph Burroughs which somehow includes this property. The scan above shows the signatures and what remains of the seals of the Burroughs and Mr. Vandervoort on the Indenture made May 1, 1826. Just imagine...this document was composed while Thomas Jefferson was still alive. Also mentioned in the document, is a grant to Charles H. Roach, Luke Kouwenhoven, and William Kouwenhoven (Conover).

There are four long pages, original and hand inscribed... and in pretty good condition. This page to the left says in part, that Judge David Lamberson questioned Sarah Burroughs of New Town (Newtown) seperate and apart from her husband and that she executed the deed without any fear or compulsion.

There are more VanWickle ( VanWickel ) and Devo (Devoo, Devoe) papers that we'll be examining in future blogs, including some bible pages and some church information from Corona New York and records going back to Frederick Van Wickel who was married prior to 1755, when son David was born (Oct 16th, 1755).

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allison said...

I am looking for information on my paternal grandmother, and her family. Elsie Jane VanWickle was born abt~1894,in the New York area. I believe Elsie had one brother. Elsie married Alexander Brown ~1918, gave birth to my father Walter Fraser Brown (sr.) 12-11-1920 in Brooklyn NY, and a daughter Elsie Jane Brown (~1925)known in the family as Jane.
The family moved to Chicago and children Walter and Jane were graduates of Amundsen H.S.

Elsie's other adddresses were South Bend Indiana ~1950's~1973,about one year after she was widowed, she moved to Salem Oregon to live with daughter's family E. Jane Brown Williams. Elsie Jane died at 104 years old December 1998.

My name is Allison, I am the youngist child of Walter Brown & Jane MacArthur Brown. e-mail: or Phone: 517-902-6698