Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Samuel MacLeary Hutchison

Old Baby Picture of Hutchison; circa 1900 or older.

Lloyd had boxes full of old photographs, most of them unidentified. This old photograph of a baby actually has the child's name and age written on the reverse. I wonder what ever become of little Samuel Hutchison. A cute little nipper, thats for sure. One thing you gotta learn from all of this...write the names on the back of your photos.

The Studio looks like "R. Colorado Pto Rico". Could that be Puerto Rico, I wonder. Do you know this little boy?
Lloyd probably picked this up in the Delaware / Maryland area. Contact me if you are interested in this old photo.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rosebud Perfume Company, and other old stuff this week

Established in 1895 and still in business in Woodsboro Md, the Rosebud Perfume Company has some history behind it, thats for sure. The company gave out colorful coupons to redeem for merchandise like hosiery or silver ware (for just 4 coupons). Lloyd had two of these old coupons, heaven knows why, I guess. Well, they are very pretty, maybe that's why he hung onto them for so many years.

I have also found a card to Miss Eulalia Jones in Salisbury MD who is probably related to Fulton Jones of Salisbury. Other names on some of the cards I'm looking at this week include: D.F. Burton Pharmacy in Dover Delaware, Mary Jenkins of Woodside DE, Mrs Lulu Boddy of Conowingo Maryland, Edna Boddy at Rising Sun MD, and T.H. Pennock and T.N. Foreman of Wilmington Delaware.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Miss Bertha Clough and her famous cat postcard

Don't you just love cats.

Maurice Boulanger, the famed French Cat Artist, was in his hayday 100 years ago, and this old card, postmarked in Hartly Delaware on January 13, 1909 is a lovely representation of his work. He had a wonderful style of drawing cats ... brightly colored red mouths and the slanted cat eyes were trademarks of this great artist. An old postcard sent to Miss Bertha Clough of Henderson Maryland.

ADDED July 16, 2006: This old card is no longer in the collection.